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In order to be published in Hecl, papers have to be reviewed according to double-blind peer-review modalities.


As soon as received, papers are passed on to 2 anonymous referees (an Italian one, and a non-Italian one). which are chosen, on the base of their specific competences and research fields, within an "International Committee of Referees". Within 180 days contributions are returned to the Editor together with the referees' evaluation, which should fall within one of the three global judgements expected, i.e.: A ("approved"), B ("approved with changes"), C ("non approved").
This means that the contributions will be respectively: (A) sent to the Editorial office for editing; (B) given back to the Author with suggestions of modifications (of methodological nature) to make, which is a necessary precondition for publishing; (C), rejected for publishing.

Evaluation card and criteria
Referees evaluate the papers according to several criteria, as listed in the "evaluation card". 
In addition to these criteria, a judgement is also assigned to the language choosen for drawing up the paper. In fact, in order to facilitate the widest diffusion as possible of the contents of Hecl through the indexing services of international databases, an higher score will be given to the papers written in English, than the other languages (French, Spanish, German or Italian).

Responsible for peer-reviewing
The Editor, prof. Roberto Sani (sani@unimc.it), is in charge of the  peer-reviewing procedure.
All materials and procedures of peer-reviewing are coordinated by Dr. Luigiaurelio Pomante, who can be contacted for any doubt or request of clarification (luigiaurelio.pomante@unimc.it).

International Committee of Referees
Names of the members of the International Committee of Referees are published in the end of any year, and then published - in cumulative form - every three years.
     Three-year period 2006-2008
     Three-year period 2009-2011

Three-year period 2012-2014

Three-year period 2015-2017

Three-year period 2018-2020