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XIII/2 (2018) Ultimo numero:

Hystory of Education & Children's Literature

a. XIII (2018), n. 2

ISSN 1971-1093 (print)
ISSN 1971-1131 (on line)

Essays and Researches
Saggi e Ricerche


Sidek Bin Baba, Mohamad Johdi Salleh, Tareq M. Zayed, Ridwan Harris, Historical development of Islamic integrated education in Malaysia since 15th Century: current needs for the globalized world, pp. 9-30.

Maria Kozlova, Schoolbook as an instrument of in-group cohesion and social integration: various strategies of intergenerational cultural transmission in the Latvian and the Polish primers and textbooks of Russian emigration in 1920s, pp. 31-47.

Roberto Sani, The ‘emulators’ of Samuel Smiles: Self-Help literature in Italy during the 19th Century, pp. 49-64.

Estela Natalina Mantovani Bertoletti, Maria do Rosário Longo Mortatti, Histórias do Tio Damião (1942-1951), by Lourenço Filho: an interpretation of Brazil through children’s literature, pp. 65-85.

Jakob Benecke, «Youth was never this united»? Manifestations of social injustices within the Hitler-Jugend and ways of systemizing those, 87-115.

José Joaquín Rodríguez Moreno, Francoist censorship and its influence on magazines and comics for female children and teenagers (1938-1977), pp. 117-132.

Tetiana Havrylenko, Preparatory classes as a form of preschool education in Ukraine during the Soviet Period (the 1920s-1980s): the main stages of their development, pp. 133-145.

Teresa González Pérez, Aprender en clave de género. El ideal de feminidad en la formación de maestras durante el franquism, pp. 147-176.

Natália Gil, Joseane El Hawat, Time, age, and length of stay in school: a study based on registration books (Brazil, 1895-1919), pp. 177-197.

J. Carlos González-Faraco, Heliodoro M. Pérez-Moreno, Juan Ramón Jiménez-Vicioso, Platero y yo, ¿libro para la infancia y las escuelas? Un estudio histórico-cultural sobre la representación pedagógica de la obra literaria, pp. 199-217.

Carla Ghizzoni, La radio per ragazzi nei primi anni del fascismo (1925-1933), pp. 219-250.

Anna Ascenzi, Roberto Sani, A history of the periodical press for children in Italy during the 19th Century. Part Two, pp. 251-272.

Tatiane de Freitas Ermel, «From the bricks to the memory tree»: interlocutions between school architecture and historical-educational heritage. Porto Alegre/RS (1919-2016), pp. 273-293.

Fatih Demirel, Foreign schools in Thessaloniki from the perspective of the Ottoman State (1850-1912), pp. 295-308.

Dijana Vučković, A Fairy tale (r)evolution: the value and the critical reading of fairy tales in the contemporary educational context, pp. 309-336.

Andrea Marrone, Educazione e scuola nell’opera di Geremia Bonomelli, pp. 337-356.

William Grandi, Spells and the microscope. Picture books about fairies: fantasy, science and children’s literature, pp. 357-375.


Sources and Documents
Fonti e documenti

Luigiaurelio Pomante, Rinnovamento storiografico e passione civile nella proposta di Carlo Guido Mor di istituire un «Centro Nazionale sulla storia della scuola in Italia» (1940-1942), pp. 379-391.

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