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XV / 2 (2020) Ultimo numero:

Hystory of Education & Children's Literature

a. XV (2020), n. 2

ISSN 1971-1093 (print)
ISSN 1971-1131 (on line)

The historical research into school practice
edited by Vera Lucia Gaspar da Silva, Francisca Comas Rubí, Bernat Sureda Garcia



Vera Lucia Gaspar da Silva, Francisca Comas Rubí, Bernat Sureda Garcia, The historical research into school practice. Presentation, pp. 11-15 [DOI: 10.1400/280110]

Juri Meda, School writings as sources for the study of teaching practices: the Italian case (1925-1945), pp. 17-28 [DOI: 10.1400/280111] 

Sergi Moll Bagur, Bernat Sureda Garcia, Private religious schools for boys in the Spanish post Civil War period: an analysis through triangulating historical sources, pp. 29-48 [DOI: 10.1400/280112]

Vera Lucia Gaspar da Silva, Gizele de Souza, Historical perspective of material school culture: theoretical and methodological possibilities, pp. 49-60 [DOI: 10.1400/280113]

Pedro Luis Moreno Martínez, José Pedro Marín Murcia, Teaching material catalogues as a source for studying educational practice in natural science in Spain (1882-1936), pp. 61-84 [DOI: 10.1400/280114]

Maria Stephanou, Mariana Venafre Pereira de Souza, Illustrated gallery of animals: figurative ABCs and the literacy process (France and Brazil, 19th and 20th centuries), pp. 85-110 [DOI: 10.1400/280115]

Francisca Comas Rubí, Sara González Gómez, Professional press for teachers as a source to study schooling practice: «El Magisterio Balear» (1873-1916), pp. 111-129 [DOI: 10.1400/280116]

Maria Augusta Martiarena de Oliveira, School photographs: studying the history of a school institution and educational practices based on images, pp. 131-150 [DOI: 10.1400/280117]

Sylvain Wagnon, The Filmstrip. History and evolution of an educational tool, pp. 151-161 [DOI: 10.1400/280118]

Josep Casanovas, Núria Padrós, Eulàlia Collelldemont, The representation of school on NO-DO: visions of school practice on Francoist newsreels, pp. 163-182 [DOI: 10.1400/280119]

Llorenç Gelabert Gual, Xavier Motilla Salas, School textbooks, didactic material and a new approach in music teaching in Catalonia with the opening of the school of musical pedagogy – Ireneu Segarra method, pp. 183-198 [DOI: 10.1400/280120]

Carlos Menguiano-Rodríguez, Maria del Mar del Pozo Andrés, Gabriel Barceló-Bauzà, A new source for the study of educational practices: competitive exams for school headteacher positions (Spain, 20th century), pp. 199-218 [DOI: 10.1400/280121]

Pauli Dávila, Luis M. Naya, Joana Miguelena, Yearbooks as a source in researching school practices in private religious schools, pp. 219-240 [DOI: 10.1400/280122]

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