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XIV / 2 (2019) Ultimo numero:

Hystory of Education & Children's Literature

a. XIV (2019), n. 2

ISSN 1971-1093 (print)
ISSN 1971-1131 (on line)

Sezione monografica

Students in action during the «long 60s»

edited by Andrés Payà Rico, José Luis Hernández Huerta


Andrés Payà Rico, José Luis Hernández Huerta, Student movements of the «long 1960s». Steps towards the cultural revolution, social change and political transformation, pp. 13-20.

José Luis Hernández Huerta, Andrés Payà Rico, Other social actors involved in Brazil’s «Long ’68» in the midst of the violence. Public-sphere representations of the Catholic Church’s discourse and actions in solidarity with student agitators, pp. 21-53.

Blanka Kudláčová, Illegal confessional education of university students in the
secret church in Slovakia in the 1960s
, pp. 55-73.

Kelly Ludkiewicz Alves, From popular culture to social transformation: student
youth, peasants and the Base Education Movement (MEB) in the 1960s
, pp. 75-96.

Sandra Carli, La experiencia estudiantil universitaria en los largos 60s y el estallido del ’69 argentino. Emergencia juvenil y biografías femeninas, pp. 97-112.

Carmen Sanchidrián Blanco, Women should remain very womanly: female university students and work in Spain in 1968, pp. 113-134.

Pauli Dávila, Luis M. Naya, Joana Miguelena, On May ’68 in Spain: student youth and the autonomous universities, pp. 135-155.

Óscar J. Martín García, «They are the force for change in today’s world and they will lead tomorrow’s». The United States and Spanish students in the context of global ’68, pp. 157-176.

Doron Timor, Student protest and the «Legitimation Crisis» in Israel 1965-1977, pp. 177-190.

Dimitrios Foteinos, The formation of resistance culture in Greece and the history null curriculum: a preliminary account, pp. 191-207.

Jones Irwin, «Et Après?» - The 1970s philosophical fallout from May ’68 and its contemporary significance, pp. 209-224.

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