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 The new half-yearly journal History of Education & Children’s Literature (HECL) is the result of a project which has been carried out over a long time by a large group of historians of education and children’s literature, from Italy and other countries in and out of Europe. cover_HECL_1.jpg

The aim was to set up, in this field, a Journal with a strong international vocation, i.e. open to contribution by scholars and researchers from several countries, and focused on issues concerning the history of education, of school institutions and educational systems, of literature and publishing for children and youth, of textbooks and manuals for teaching, of pedagogical thinking and theories of education.

History of Education & Children's Literature is open to collaboration and contribution by historians of education and of children’s literature; but it intends to make room for studies and researches by experts and scholars of other branches of historical research as well: from political to social and religious history, literary history as well as the history of publishing and libraries, to legal history, to economic and institutional history, cultural processes history etc.

We are convinced in fact that a continuous and international comparison among different methodological approaches can represent an extraordinary opportunity for growth and enhancement.

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