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European Education Thesaurus (EET)

All articles which are published in the section "Essays and Researches" of the journal HECL are indexed with key-words, i.e. terms that point out concepts representing the main themes in the documents, in order to facilitate the indexing by centres and services of bibliographic cataloguing and document retrieval in education databases. 

In order to guarantee an homogeneus indexing, the Editorial Office of Hecl choices these key-words within a thesaurus, that is a controlled and multilingual vocabulary of words, which have been organized into a hierarchical (faceted) structure, and specifically chosen within the educational field. 


The selected thesaurus is the European Education Thesaurus (EET), which has been prepared by the European unit of Eurydice - on impulse by European Commission and Council of Europe - and is offered in a multilingual version (the official languages are: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish (European), Swedish).

Eurydice is the Education Information Network in Europe, which has been established by the European Commission and by member states in 1980, with the aim to promote cooperation in educational field, and improve the knowledge about educational systems and policies of European states.


Eurydice supports the work of European Commission in education field in fact, through carrying on comparative studies on European education systems, developing indicators about divers instruction levels, as well as common terminological tools (such as glossaries and thesauri) and databases. (Further information is available at the website of Eurydice).

The EET version - adopted by the journal Hecl - is the 2nd ed. (1998 ed.), now freely downloadable from Hecl website (courtesy of Eurydice network) both in English and Italian languages (for the Italian version, see the Italian Hecl website). To download the pdf files, you can click on the following links: 



- Introduction.

- Contents.


- Structured alphabetical List of Words (Ist Part e II Part). Words are offered in alphabetical order, and each one is accompanied by the related translation (in the official 11 European languages) and by all the hierarchically related terms (i.e. in Broader Term and/or Narrower Term relationships).


 - Rotated alphabetical list. All significant words - which form each descriptor entries - are offered in alphabetic list.


- Classified list. Terms are offered in classified order, i.e. all organized into 42 micro-thesauri (from 01.Teaching, to 42.Geopolitical Areas) and, within these ones, they are organized according four hierarchical levels.

 Courtesy Eurydice Network 



Online consultation

An authomated versione of the Thesaurus is also accessible on line at the URL: http://www.freethesaurus.info/redined/en/