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X / 2 (2015)

X / 2 (2015)

HECL 2015 (X-2).pdf — PDF document, 7644Kb

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century schools as a laboratory for the promotion of national identity and citizenship education / Part Two Call for Papers for the 10th anniversary of the journal «History of Education & Children’s Literature» (2006-2015)

edited by
Roberto Sani

Tomáš Kasper
German youth in Czechoslovakia and the «struggle» for a
«new person and a new society» pp. 9-22
Carla Ghizzoni
Building the Nation. Schools and Constitution Day in Milan
in the aftermath of Italian Unification  pp. 23-45
Maria do Rosário Longo Mortatti
Literature for primary school and education of republican
citizens, in the «Revista de Ensino» (SP-Brazil) – 1902-1918  pp. 47-66
Maria Cristina Morandini
«God and the people»: Mazzini’s Duties of man in the
Italian school system over the period spanning the latenineteenth
and early-twentieth centuries  pp. 67-85
Beatrice Jane Vittoria Balfour
«Let’s make schools a daily practice of liberty and
democracy!». Testimonies of the Italian Resistance in Italian
school diaries (Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1940s-1970s)  pp. 87-103

Elena Tabacchi
In the Heart of the Nation. Reading books and nationalism
in fin-de-siècle Italy (1880-1900)  pp. 105-117
Décio Gatti Júnior, Bruno Gonçalves Borges
Between the Empire and the Republic: the permanence of a
biography of the Nation in the history taught in secondary
and primary schools in Brazil (1860-1950)  pp. 119-137
Fabio Targhetta
«The beloved face of the fatherland». The role of the
landscape into the processes of national identity building  pp. 139-155
Mara Donato Di Paola
Educational policy on language teaching in Belgian
secondary state schools, 1830-1890  pp. 157-183
Gianluca Gabrielli
Nationalisation through Contrasts: «the racial us» and
«the colonial us» in the construction of Italian identity at
school  pp. 185-204
Francisco A. González Redondo, Cristina Escrivá
, Gabriel Benavides Escrivá
On the access of the working class to higher education
in Spain: from the Institute of Scholar Selection to the
Institutes for Workers  pp. 205-223
Alberto Carli
Tito Speri: an apprentice revolutionary on the eve of 1848
insurrection. The Municipal Lyceum of Lodi and the
development of local patriotic spirit in the first half of the
XIX century  pp. 225-240
Anna Ascenzi, Roberto Sani
The teaching of Rights and Duties in the schools of united
Italy: between ideological control, social discipline and
citizenship education (1861-1900). Part two  pp. 241-275
Domenico F.A. Elia
The Italian way to gymnastics: the psycho-kinetic theory of
Baumann  pp. 277-296

Geert Thyssen
Engineered Communities? Industry, open-air schools, and
imaginaries of belonging (c. 1913-1963)  pp. 297-320
Esmeralda Dani Hoti
The role of the school manuals in the national identity
formation of Albanians during the Renaissance  pp. 321-343
Vadim S. Parsamov
The establishment of the Higher Attestation Commission
(the VAK) and the politics of the Bolsheviks in the sphere
of higher education in the late 1920s - early 1930s  pp. 345-357
José Luis Hernández Huerta, Sonia Ortega Gaite
Civic Education and public opinion in Argentina during the
transition to democracy (1982-1983)  pp. 359-389
Valeria Viola
Drawing for the nation. The role of drawing classes in the
construction process of the national identity and industry
(1861-1891)  pp. 391-404
Rossella Andreassi
The Correspondence (Corrispondenza) of «Il Giornalino
della Domenica» (1906-1911): a training ground for the
development of civic education and national sentiment in
the Italian youths  pp. 405-423
Alberto Barausse
The construction of national identity in textbooks for
Italian schools abroad: the case of Brazil between the two
World Wars  pp. 425-461
Michela D’Alessio
«Our Schools». The work of the Association of Southern
Italy against illiteracy in Basilicata (1921-1928)  pp. 463-480

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