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XIV / 1 (2019) Ultimo numero:

Hystory of Education & Children's Literature

a. XIV (2019), n. 1

ISSN 1971-1093 (print)
ISSN 1971-1131 (on line)

Monographic Section



Juri Meda, Luigiaurelio Pomante, Marta Brunelli, Memories and public celebrations of education in contemporary times. Presentation, pp. 11-21


Place of memory


Juri Meda, The Sites of School Memory in Italy between memory and oblivion: a first approach, pp. 25-47.


Marta Brunelli, Non-places of school memory. First reflections on the forgotten places of education as generators of collective school memory: between Oral history, Public history and Digital history, pp. 49-72.


Joaquim Pintassilgo, Alda Namora de Andrade, Different schools as places of memory: the case of Cooperativa A Torre (1970-present days), pp. 73-90.


Francesca Davida Pizzigoni, The Beckwith school-museums as a place of memory, pp. 91-107.


Neslihan Kansu-Yetkiner, Politics of collective memory in education: Atatürk corners in Turkish schools, pp. 109-125.


Aleksandra Maksimovic, Jovana Milutinovic, The School Museum as a tool for building a bridge between the national and European cultural heritage in Vojvodina: a case study of the Serbian Orthodox Gymnasium in Novi Sad (1810-1918), pp. 127-144.


Claudemir de Quadros, Forging a new homeland: the unique experience of brizoletas in Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil in the second half of the 20th century, pp. 145-161.


Tony Honorato, Ana Clara Bortoleto Nery, The normal school of Piracicaba as a memory place of the republican regime in Brazil, pp. 163-182.


Politics of memory


Alberto Barausse, Ricambiare l’amore che portano all’educazione…. Public memory and awards of honour of public education in Italy from the Unification to the end of the 19th Century (1861-1898), pp. 185-205.


Maria Cristina Morandini, Medals and diplomas of merit for teachers: the Premio Bottero award in Turin (1891-1918), pp. 207-222.


Chiara Venturelli, A stone on the wall. Collective and public memory of an eclectic primary school teacher, pp. 223-237.


Gianluca Gabrielli, Carla Carpigiani, Renewing the ties of one century of history: an experiment of citizen history on the occasion of the Centenary of the Fortuzzi school, pp. 239-257.


Funeral memories


Joakim Landahl, Annika Ullman, The politics of immortality: the funeral of an education minister and teacher unionist, pp. 261-278.


Mirella D’Ascenzo, Remembering teachers and headmasters. Funeral memories as source in history of education between nation building and collective memory, pp. 279-294.


Vučina Zorić, Funeral memories as a form of promotion of the value system and contributions of important protagonists in the area of development of education in Montenegro, pp. 295-314.


Invention of educational tradition


Luigiaurelio Pomante, The invention of tradition in the Italian University during the Fascist period (1922-1943), pp. 317-332.


Sara Ramos Zamora, Teresa Rabazas Romero, The invention of the educational tradition in religious Madrid elite schools. Identity and distinction of the private school culture during Franco’s dictatorship, pp. 333-358.


Alla Salnikova, Svetlana Malysheva, Lenin has studied here: a case study of the invention of the Soviet University revolutionary myth, pp. 359-378.


Luana Salvarani, The invention of the Common School tradition. Early American educational historiography and the building of a long-standing narrative, pp. 379-394.


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