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XVI / 1 (2021) Ultimo numero:

Hystory of Education & Children's Literature

a. XVI (2021), n. 1

ISSN 1971-1093 (print)
ISSN 1971-1131 (on line)

Transnational and transcultural educational models in Eastern and Southern Europe between XIX and XX Centuries
edited by Simonetta Polenghi and Vučina Zorić

Simonetta Polenghi, Vučina Zorić, Transnational and transcultural educational models in Eastern and Southern Europe in the XIX and XX centuries. Foreword to thematic section of the issue, pp. 11-17 CODICE DOI: 10.1400/283083

Tomáš Kasper, Dana Kasperová, Blanka Kudláčová, Marek Wiesenganger, We are building up pedagogy and a school system: educational discussion in interwar Czechoslovakia as togetherness or coexistence? pp. 19-39 CODICE DOI: 10.1400/283084

Tomáš Kasper, Edvard Protner, Creating the new (Slavic) world through education. A comparison of the educational discussions between the Slovenes and the Czechs, pp. 41-63 CODICE DOI: 10.1400/283085

András Németh, Béla Pukánszky, Herbartianism as an eastern central European phenomenon and its reception in Hungary, pp. 65-86 CODICE DOI: 10.1400/283086

Dana Kasperová, Štefka Batinic, New school and education of new man in Zlín and Borovo. An example of a difficult pedagogical transfer, pp. 87-108 CODICE DOI: 10.1400/283087

Snježana Šušnjara, Miljenko Vidović, an educational visionary or inventive impostor? pp. 109-127 CODICE DOI: 10.1400/283088

Simonetta Polenghi, Vučina Zorić, Dario De Salvo, Elena of Montenegro, Queen of Italy: an educational model of womanhood from Cetinje to Rome, pp. 129-164 CODICE DOI: 10.1400/283089

Panagiotis Kimourtzis, Ioannis Betsas, Perceptions and implementations of Froebelian pedagogy in the Greek education. A transcultural analysis, pp. 165-183 CODICE DOI: 10.1400/283090

Giuseppe Zago, Antonio Fco. Canales, Gentile in Spain: an historiographical mirage, pp. 185-210 CODICE DOI: 10.1400/283091

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