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XV / 1 (2020) Ultimo numero:

Hystory of Education & Children's Literature

a. XV (2020), n. 1

ISSN 1971-1093 (print)
ISSN 1971-1131 (on line)


Being a student in the Habsburg Monarchy
edited by Ivana Horbec, Maja Matasović and Branko Ostajmer



Ivana Horbec, Maja Matasović, Branko Ostajmer, Being a student in the Habsburg monarchy. Introduction, pp. 11-17 [codice DOI: 10.1400/277313]


Towards the modernisation of school system: students’ perspective

Ivana Horbec, Maja Matasović, Sola praxis format hominem? Ideals and criticism of the system of higher learning in the 18th Century Kingdom of Hungary, pp. 21-40

Valentina Chierichetti, Simonetta Polenghi, Learning in ginnasio and liceo in Habsburg Milan (1814-1859), pp. 41-67

Magdolna Éva Rébay, School in the eyes of Hungarian high nobility. The counts Széchényi (1867 1918), pp. 69-89

Rudolf Barišić, Education interrupted: reasons why clerics in Bosna Srebrena discontinued their studies, pp. 91-111


Manuela-Claire Warscher, «… we do not need educated farmers». Rural education in Istria 1850-1914, pp. 113-124


Personal maturation through learning

Zrinko Novosel, Upbringing and early education in the selected 19th Century Croatian memoirs, pp. 127-138

Marijana Kokanović Marković, Young ladies at the piano. The role of music in the upbringing and education of girls in Novi Sad in the Nineteenth Century, pp. 139-150


Dinko Župan, How to turn female students into good mothers, wives and housewives. The construction of female identity in pedagogical discourses in Croatia in the second half of the19th Century, pp. 151-167

Guido van Hengel, Claiming adolescent spaces: education and power in Austro-Hungarian Bosnia and Hercegovina, pp. 169-188



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